Nexans, the European market leader for separable connectors and epoxy bushings, is pleased to announce the release of our newest product the 480TB connector.


Published on 01 December 2015


The 480TB is the keystone that completes our interface C connector range for cables from 35 up to 1200 mm². It offers you more installation flexibility with a full choice of coupling connectors and the possibility to protect your network with screened, separable surge arresters.


The ‘8’ interface provides the perfect solution for customers demanding compact connectors for higher voltages (up to 42 kV) and higher currents with its 1250 A rating.


A full suite of supporting accessories like earthing plugs, bushings extenders, testing rods, junction frames, solution cabinets and mechanical conductor connectors is available.


This separable, screened connector is the result of many years of work by our researchers, designers and engineers; it has been thoroughly tested and fine-tuned in our laboratories. With a robust design and given the extra advantage of being produced by our material handling robot in our plant in Erembodegem, Belgium, it will become the standard for connectors for many years to come.


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Published on 01 September 2015


Nexans Australmold have launched the new D-Series Mechanical Lug from Nexans GPH.


 Nexans Australmold have launched the new D-Series Mechanical Lug from Nexans GPH. For low voltage 0.6/1 kV applications, this product with the effective GPH shear-off-head-bolt connection technology offers the following key design features:


  • Tin galvanized bolted cable lugs
  • Suitable for copper and aluminum conductors
  • Cross-sections from 1.5mm² to 240mm²
  • Installed quick and simple with common inner & outer hexagon tools


The special conductor channel of the D-Series allows the installation of common sector conductors (se/sm) from 35mm² without previous mechanical reshaping of the conductors.


This new mechanical connector extends the Nexans offer, based on the tried and proven, patented GPH shear-off-head bolt technology, which is tested to medium voltage standard IEC 61238-1 class A, and offers maximum connection quality and service life for the user.


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Australmold was incorporated in July 1985, and is now celebrating 30 years in Australia.


As a family company, founded by Mr. Keith Armstrong (formerly of NHP), the beginnings were humble.


Published on 01 August 2015

At the age of 65, Mr. Armstrong who was Sales Manager for Medium Voltage products at NHP from 1969-1985, took up the challenge of starting Australmold when NHP decided at the time they would focus efforts on other products.


The fledgling business was originally run from home, then near NHP at Richmond, until relocation to a very small establishment in North Melbourne, Victoria.


The only product represented was the little known brand Elastimold from the USA, which specialised in technology not yet seen in Australia, “screened separable connectors” in ANSI profile. These safe to touch terminations are used to connect MV cables to the epoxy bushings of equipment such as transformers, switchgear and motors. Most of the power utilities at the time were using MV paper lead cables. The real driver for the successful introduction of screened separable connectors was the upcoming MV XLPE cable.


Within a short period of time, Mr. Armstrong employed his daughter (Mrs. Judy McKelvie) and his son-in-law (Mr. Greg McKelvie) in 1988 to help with the development of the company.


Through the technical knowledge of Mr. McKelvie and administrative nous of Mrs. McKelvie, Australmold flourished.


By 1988 Australmold was also distributing the DIN Profile separable connectors manufactured by Euromold in Belgium, (now a Nexans company).


The employment of Mr. Ray Pitman in 1989 was also a pivotal moment in Australmold history. His knowledge and industry connections through S.E.C.V. (Victorian Power Utility) were fundamental to Australmold's success.


Initially, Australmold secured orders with power utilities in Victoria, later in Western Australia and South Australia, with other states soon after.


By 1993 Greg & Judy McKelvie purchased Australmold 100% and took it thought a major growth phase.


Since then, Australmold has become synonymous with “screened separable connectors” also known as “elbows” throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Through shrewd selection of quality staff and product representation, Australmold continued to flourish, moving from North Melbourne to a much larger site in Airport West, Melbourne.


 Circa early 1990’s – SA Power Networks (formerly E.T.S.A.) in South Australia. Happy Valley Sub Station using Elastimold dead break separable connectors (elbows) supplied by Australmold still in operation today.

In Early 2001, the company had 6 staff and had outgrown the Airport West premises and therefore relocated to Tullamarine, Melbourne where it is located today.


In March 2008, Australmold was acquired by Olex Australia (a Nexans company) and became part of the Nexans Power Accessories Group. A continued commitment to offer a high quality of customer service, local technical support, and local stock with the backup and resources of the global Nexans group, have ensured growth.


Today, Nexans Australmold - a division of Olex Australia Pty Ltd is a manufacturer (Nexans, Euromold & GPH brands) and distributor (Elastimold), of Power Cable Accessories up to 72kV for the Power Transmission and Distribution markets. Olivier Lopez, GM Asia Pacific – based in Melbourne, heads up this division which now employs fifteen people, with additional sales offices in Perth and Brisbane, as well as representation in New Zealand by distributor Cuthbert Stewart.


Nexans Australmold has continued to introduce innovation and new products, and is a leading supplier to Power Utilities, OEM's (transformer & switchboard), Contractors, Renewable Energy (wind & solar farms), Rail (rolling stock & infrastructure) and Resources (Oil & Gas) market.


Range of products include separable connectors (elbows), joints, terminations, compression and shear off lugs and links, pre-assembled cable leads, bushings and tooling. Technologies include, EPDM rubber, silicone slipon, heat shrink and cold shrink.


We have selected a range of Medium Voltage cable preparation tools made in Germany and USA, available separately or as a kit in a high impact safe case. Tools available are for removing the outer sheath, scoring and stripping Semi-Con, removing the XLPE insulation and chamfering XLPE insulation.


Published on 21 June 2015


In addition to cable preparation, we also have installation accessories including shear-bolt holding and torque amplifier tool, impact sockets and long hex keys.


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Nexans Australmold have released new range-taking mechanical shear bolt connectors and cable lugs for Medium Voltage (3.3kV - 33kV) applications suitable for aluminum power cables from 800 mm2 to 1200 mm2 and for copper cables from 630 mm2 to 1000 mm2.


Published on 22 December 2014


This new mechanical connector extends the Nexans offer, based on the tried and proven, patented GPH shear off-head bolt technology, which is tested to IEC 61238-1 class A,  and operational in standard field applications for 20 years.


Typical markets include large scale wind farms which tend to use large cross section aluminum conductors.


Nexans also provides the appropriate heat-shrinkable straight joint - the GTS series that contains this new mechanical connector.


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