We have available a wide range of compression and mechanical links and lugs, for low or medium voltage aluminium or copper cables.


  • Mechanical Shear off Lugs
  • Mechanical Shear off Links
  • New – Mechanical Shear off Cable Lugs with 2-hole palm




We provide custom, ready-to-install cable leads. These are available equipped with Interface A to F connectors and terminations (Heat Shrink, Cold Shrink and Slip on).

Cable types available are standard MV XLPE and Class 5 Flexible cables.

Just specify connector/termination type, cable type and length and we will take care of the rest - assembled and tested.

Testing options includes HiPot (AC withstand) and partial discharge (PD).


In addition to supplying pre-assembled cable leads made to order, we also offer the same flex cable to customers.

Typical applications include jumpers between MV switchgear and distribution transformers, where flexible cable provides and better solution than XLPE due to the smaller bending radius.




We stock a complete range of cable preparation tools to splice and terminate cable for the transmission and distribution industry and electrical construction and maintenance. All tools are designed and manufactured to meet specific cable application needs, including accurate removal of insulation, semi-conductive sheathing, protective jacketing and other materials to produce consistent, uniform preparation of cable ends for splicing and termination.


  • Shear Technology Tooling
  • Sheath Remover
  • Banana Peeler
  • Primary Insulation Remover
  • Insulation Chamfer Tool
  • Cable Strippers
  • Installation/Insertion Tooling




The Dragon Tooth® insulation piercing connectors for magnet wire eliminate the need for stripping, brazing, welding or other methods of joining magnet wire for secure and reliable termination, with an open side for easy access to wire.


Available in Ring Terminals, Splices, Fork Terminals & Disconnects, Taps & Washers


  • Can be installed in seconds
  • Wire sizes from 32 - 20 AWG
  • Made of copper alloy, tin plated
  • Low resistance electrical contact
  • Tooling available




A complete range of quality transformer accessories.


  • Wildlife Protection - Bushing Cover
  • Wildlife Protection - Shedmount Guard
  • Bayonet Fuse Holder
  • Drip Tray & Mounting Block
  • Drain Valves
  • Dry Well Fuse Holder
  • Trans-Guard FX Fuses
  • Tap Changers
  • Dual Voltage Switches
  • Bushing Wells



Terminations are used to connect polymeric insulated cable to equipment and for the outdoor terminating on to overhead lines or bus bars. Indoor terminations are designed for use indoors in controlled environmental conditions and subject to light condensation. Outdoor terminations are for outdoor use and exposure to prolonged sunshine and other weather conditions.




Straight joints are designed for jointing screened polymeric cable to be laid in air or directly buried. The product is fully screened and fully submersible. Transition joints are used to joint single and three core paper cables to three single core polymeric cables.




Equipment bushings are molded epoxy insulated parts for use in equipment insulated parts for use in equipment insulated with oil fluid or gas insulated, typically for transformers, switch gear, capacitors...



Euromold (IEC)


  • Fully watertight
  • Resistant to UV, ozone, chemicals, mechanical abuse
  • Temperature range from -30°C to +110°C
  • A complete range for 12 to 42 Kv
  • Degree of protection IP67 – dust tight & immersion in water

Our separable connectors are manufactured from EPDM rubber, an extremely robust material. This thick outer conductive layer of EPDM, coupled with its overall shape and design, provides the basis for the most reliable and safe connector on the market, which is why they are approved and used in most networks across in Australia.

Separable screened connectors help eliminate the causes of outages and make restoring power easier and faster.


Advantages of using separable connectors are:


  • No minimum distances required
  • Quick and easy to install without special tools
  • Touch safe
  • Easy to disconnect
  • Maintenance free

Elastimold (IEEE)


The Elastimold brand of Connectors using high quality EPDM materials provide a convenient method to connect/disconnect cable and equipment on power distribution systems.


  • Fully shielded
  • 100% peroxide-cured construction
  • Fully submersible molded rubber housing
  • Conductive EPDM materials
  • Provision for hot stick operation
  • Provision for ground wire connection
  • Wide cable range with minimum number of sizes




We offer a range of underground junction solutions for renewable projects.

Our product range includes our Australian designed and manufactured UJC (Underground Junction Chamber) which can be used as a connecting point for cable-jointing and branch applications.




Nexans Manufacture a range of LV Cable Accessories:


  • LV Joints suitable for 3, 4 & 5 core polymetric insulated cables
  • LV Mechanical shear off Lugs and Links





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